Basic pedicure

Shape nails, clean cuticles, light buff bottom feet, light massage and polish…

Regular Pedicure
Spa Pedicure
Bee signature pedicure

These services are pampering treatment relieves stress while soothing and cooling your tired feet, sit back & enjoy the relaxing massage of our spa pedicure chair. also, we serve you with extra massage of your legs & feet, Followed by sea salt, callus remove & scrub for exfoliation & peppermint clay mask to make skin smooth.

Certified pedicure organic spa

Pedicure and dead -sea salt soak, moisturizing mask and massage cream and essential oil and fragrances, scents include chamomile spa (….), aroma spa (lavender), pearl spa
* Chamomile Spa
Healthy, calming, soothing, antibacterial.
Effective aromatherapy for anxiety. Relax with chamomile
* Pearl Spa
* Healthy, anti-aging, brightening, UV protection.
Exotic beauty secret from the deep blue seas.
* Also, Additional Herbal Spa
Pamper you with herbal services rich in natural herbs, with bamboo waves specially crafted for salon, scents include: mandarin, rose petals, lemon powder, rosemary.